Little Big Snake MOD APK v2.6.86 (VIP Enabled, Drone View)
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Little Big Snake MOD APK v2.6.86 (VIP Enabled, Drone View)

App Name Little Big Snake
PublisherAddicting Games Inc
Genre Casual
Size 153.3 MB
Latest Version 2.6.86
MOD Info VIP Enabled, Drone View
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What's new

Royal Update 2023

• Missions in the clouds. Prizes guaranteed!
• Daily challenge. Complete three locations and get big fat reward!
• Collect and activate new bonuses right on the location!
• Team mode. Team up with other players! Easy, fast and convenient.

The Snake King, Rudolf XIV

The company LittleBIGsnake created the enjoyable action game Little Big Snake. The game puts you in a fun environment with a lot of other people from all over the world. You will play against other people in real time to see who can make the biggest snake. At the moment, you can get the toy on famous platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. In this post, we’ll show you how to play the game on Android. We also give you a version of the game that has been changed so that you can use VIP benefits for free.

Little Big Snake – fun games

You’ll be in charge of a small snake on a big map in Little Big Snake. The game has very easy rules: players must do everything they can to stay alive as long as possible. It’s hard because there are a lot of other snakes on the same map as you. You need to learn how to handle your snake. You should also stay away from snakes that try to hurt you. Bonuses that help the snake grow can be found randomly on the map or on snakes that have just been killed. The bigger your snake gets, the more light spots it will eat. Also, the tools are very easy to use. Your snake will move on its own; just touch the control to move it or the lightning icon to make it move faster.

a group of snakes

Little Big Snake has a huge number of different snakes that you can unlock. Each snake is different in how it looks and what color it is. The rarity of a snake’s skin is another factor that can classify it. Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary are some of these. The rarest and most expensive skins are the ones with a legendary name. You can buy new skins, or you can collect enough pieces of leather to buy them. Also, if you’re lucky, opening crates or playing minigames can help you buy famous skins.

Game mode

Little Big Snake has two main ways to play: by yourself or with other people. In single-player mode, players play with computer-controlled bots. This mode is good for practising before you play with other people. Multiplayer games happen in real time, so make sure your network link is stable.

You can also try the observer mode. In which people don’t take part in the game but instead just watch. You are randomly watching one of the 30 players with the most points.

One cool thing about Little Big Snake is that it lets people from different platforms play against each other. This means that there are no separate sites for mobile devices. You can still play against iOS and PC people if you are on Android.

What does the Little Big Snake mod include?

In this piece, we’ll show you the most recent version of this game’s mod. With the mod feature, you can get VIP perks for free. When you become a VIP, the following things will happen to you:

  • There’s no need to see ads.
  • When you open a box, you get twice as much.
  • After each round, add keys.
  • Access to special skins.
  • Friends can talk to you.
  • Little Big Snake is a fun video game for Android that looks like the snakes we knew as kids.


Every day, the powerful country of Ambrosia grew and got stronger. The snakes that lived here ate nectar and had no worries because they had everything they wanted. All was well until a deadly bush showed up in the kingdom and ruined all the nectar. Since then, a lot has happened in the lives of the people of Ambrosia.


The snakes were so hungry that they started to eat each other. The strongest and smartest snakes blamed the king for everything and tried to turn him off. The king himself went to heaven, where he could not be reached. He still gave orders and kept an eye on those under him. Over time, the nectar started to come back, but the angry snakes only wanted one thing: to fight with their leader and take over the throne. The biggest snake, the story went, could bring the king down from heaven. If you show up in the game Little Big Snake, the story could come true.


Immerse yourself in this magical world and try to beat all the snakes. Do jobs every day to win valuable prizes.

Find artifacts in different places and watch them grow right before your eyes. Think about each step you take and try to wrap around your opponents so they run into you and die. Make yourself the biggest snake and bow down to everyone in Ambrosia!

Little Big Snake is a unique pinball game that keeps you interested for several hours after the first few minutes. The game is a lot of fun and will keep you busy for hours. Snake and other IO games served as inspiration for it.


Remember one thing when you’re checking out the place: Size counts! Get your enemies to come to you so you can eat them and grow. You will find it harder to move around the area as you get bigger.

Think about every step you take so you don’t run into your tail, which would be a loss. The more time you stay alive, the more points you can get. Set your own goals and beat the records to get on the list of the best players in this game.


Little Big Snake is a simple, laid-back game that doesn’t require a lot of work from you. It’s a good way to unwind and have fun after a long day. You don’t have to spend hours on a level, so it’s easy to pass the time on a break or while traveling.

What’s out there:

  • The online mode is fun.
  • It has bright images and is easy to use.
  • Wide choice of skins.
  • A huge number of places to go and a fun path with valuable prizes.
  • Several game modes.


In the story of Little Big Snake, you have to fight other players in a video game that is based on the mythical snake. You can get the game for free from our site.

What’s New?

Every home has a pet! Every snake gets the chance to have a pet. All pets can do whatever they want on their own, but they all have different personalities. Find, level up, and take a pet, or maybe even more than one, hunting. They all have clear advantages. Rudolph XIV, your favorite king,

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