Mage Legends MOD APK v1.6.16 (Money, God Mode, One Hit)
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Mage Legends MOD APK v1.6.16 (Money, God Mode, One Hit)

App Name Mage Legends: Wizard Archer
Genre Role Playing
Size 144.25 MB
Latest Version 1.6.16
MOD Info Money, God Mode, One Hit
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1. Unlimited Coins
2. Unlimited Diamonds

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Mage Legends: Wizard Archer is a mobile roguelike action RPG that throws you into a world brimming with fantastical creatures and perilous dungeons. As the sole remaining mage hero, you must wield your potent spells and archery skills to combat the encroaching forces of evil and establish yourself as a legend in the age of magic.


Mage Legends: Wizard Archer boasts a captivating visual design that blends vibrant environments with detailed character models and spell animations. The game utilizes a user-friendly single-touch control system, allowing you to effortlessly navigate through dungeons, unleash spells, and target enemies with intuitive gestures. Whether you’re a seasoned RPG veteran or a newcomer to the genre, Mage Legends’ intuitive interface ensures a smooth and enjoyable mobile gaming experience.

Explore epic fantasy worlds as a true mage legend and challenge monster legend fights as you drag to move and release to hit. With challenging quests, epic dungeons, and crazy waves of enemies, collect rare equipment, weapons, and skills to improve your legends and enjoy the magical adventure.


Embark on an epic story mode as you rise from the ashes and become a legend in the age of magic. Face off against a multitude of monstrous foes, unveil the secrets behind the encroaching evil, and uncover the path to restoring peace and prosperity to the land. Each victory grants you valuable experience and resources, allowing you to progressively enhance your hero’s abilities and unlock powerful spells to conquer even greater challenges.

As the only mage hero with powerful spells, you must fight off tons of evil enemies and fantasy monsters to resist and defeat the oncoming evil. The more enemies you kill, the stronger you’ll become as you fight for epic loot, treasures, items, and valuable equipment.


Brace yourself for procedurally generated dungeons that offer a unique and thrilling experience with every playthrough. Explore diverse environments, overcome cunning enemies, and navigate treacherous landscapes as you delve deeper into the heart of each dungeon. The ever-changing nature of these dungeons keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting, pushing you to adapt your strategies and master your skills to emerge victorious.

Unlike other Archero-like games, you will fight as a mage with magic skills and choose from multiple skills as you progress through the dungeons. Each battle is a challenge, survive waves of attack, and use spells to defeat all monsters, archers, and the most legendary bosses in this adventure game.


As a true mage archer, your arsenal houses a potent combination of magical abilities and archery prowess. Unleash devastating spells that incinerate foes, conjure protective barriers to shield yourself from harm, and rain down arrows with pinpoint accuracy. Experiment with different spell combinations and hone your archery skills to develop a combat style that complements your playstyle and allows you to dominate the battlefield.

With addictive, action-packed gameplay, Mage Legends features many skills to help you crawl through dungeons and enjoy different locations. Easy control with just one finger and different game modes make this game accessible to everyone.


As you progress through your journey, you’ll encounter increasingly challenging foes and bosses, each demanding unique strategies to overcome. Triumph over these adversaries to earn valuable rewards, including powerful equipment, rare artifacts, and precious materials. Utilize these rewards to enhance your character’s attributes, unlock new spells and abilities, and forge your path to becoming a legendary mage archer.

Don’t worry if the game seems too easy for you; try high difficulty mode and enjoy the best hyper-casual ARPG game. The destiny of the world is in your hands, so master the art of moving, dodging, and shooting to become a pro shooter and a hero in the neverending age of magic.


Beyond the captivating story mode, Mage Legends offers various endless modes that test your limits and hone your skills to the utmost. Challenge yourself in daily tasks to earn bonus rewards and materials, or push your boundaries in the high-difficulty mode to truly test your mettle. These endless modes offer a continuous stream of challenges and opportunities for growth, ensuring lasting entertainment for seasoned players.

Battle through ancient forests, deadly deserts, graveyards, and inferno dungeons in your quest to save the world. Over a thousand dungeons are waiting for you to solve their mystery as you move and shoot with one touch.


Join a vibrant community of fellow mage archers and share your experiences, strategies, and achievements. Participate in guild activities, discuss the game’s lore and secrets, and compete in friendly challenges to showcase your skills and rise through the ranks. Mage Legends fosters a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose, allowing you to connect with other players and embark on your magical journey together.


The developers of Mage Legends are committed to providing players with a continuously evolving and engaging experience. Regular updates introduce new content, events, and challenges, ensuring that the game remains fresh and exciting for a long time. Whether it’s the introduction of new dungeons, spells, or even character customization options, Mage Legends is constantly growing and expanding to offer players a wealth of new content to explore and conquer.

Created by Noxgames, Mage Legends: Epic RPG Hero Archer Adventure Game is the perfect game for anyone who loves a challenging and addictive RPG adventure. So hurry up and become the most legendary mage that is brave enough to stand up against the evil and bring back peace to the world!


Mage Legends: Wizard Archer offers a captivating blend of action RPG elements, roguelike dungeon exploration, and character progression. With its stunning visuals, intuitive controls, and engaging features, the game caters to both casual and hardcore gamers alike. Whether you seek a captivating story, thrilling challenges, or a community of fellow adventurers, Mage Legends: Wizard Archer has something to offer everyone. So, step into the world of magic and legend, and embark on your journey to become a hero for the ages.

Do you have what it takes to be the magical archer and survive multiple dungeon battles? The roguelike, super wizard RPG Mage Legends challenges you to rise up from the ashes and become a legend in the age of magic.

Reviewed by John Wick Translated by Apkzar Team

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