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Vector Full MOD APK v2.1.11 (Unlimited Money)

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Vector Game, which is the nickname for the game adresses both – freedom and agility felt within the game – is a parkour digital experience which embodies the spirit of parkour adventure and attracts enthusiasts and gamers at the same time. Vector, a 3D platformer developed by Russian game studio Nekki, the game distinguishes itself from other games in its genre because of its variety of gameplay elements, captivating story plot line, and smooth graphics. This article, in the next “Vector Game”: Part 2 , gives a holistic overview on the development and the playing process of Vector Game, as well as its impact on popular youth culture.


Vector development output stands in this route philosophy and movements of Parkour, an activity which goal is to pass various physical barriers with speed and smartness. Parkour itself comes along with exceptional excitement and fluidity. While creating a game with these exact feel is achievable, it needs the Nekki developers to convert the essence of the real world into virtual fun. For the most authenticity, the studio applied the technology of “Cascadeur”, an art to make the character looks lifelike and dynamic. The cleverness of the design team made a complete switch from virtual to real world and the videos of the parkour practitioners were analyzed for many hours while the authentic movements were being captured in the game.


Vector game is well known for its easy of use control scheme that resembles physical problems in soul. The hero is the player’s character, an indistinguishable shadow who jumps from roofs to enter the windows, while dodging obstacles amidst the urban landscape. In the game the player deals with several levels, each of which is harder than the previous one, and more and more complex. Main Goal is not only to outrun the pursuers and to reach each level’s end without being captured.

The game flow is good as it adjusts its speed accordingly and continues to demand players’ accuracy and precision. People who play the game must swipe in different directions to perform parkour stunts like jumps, slides, and vaults that they carefully initiate and time. Otherwise they can either reduce their speed or get caught up by the game. Together with such as the physics engine of the game, the true nature of the difficulty and attractiveness of real pieces of parkour is why the players seek parkour experience.


Vector is best known for its simple, minimalistic design where the silhouette and the background where set off by one another is used to enhance the duel. This artistic style of the game is not only charges it with a unique visual appeal but constrains a player to focus on the movement and flow of the gameplay. Color palette is showcased, amazingly displaying the mysterious dark of the postapocaliptic world with the storyline parts silently hinted into the visual design.

The score of a game Vector reflects its fast-paced and action-packed gameplay through its passionate beat and vigorous melody. The music is an a mixture of electronic and the orchestral elements forming a mood of urgency and dram with an aura which is exhilarating as well as playing its part in the gaming experience. The sound effects are extremely finely tuned. The sound effects give emotional feedback on decision made and the interactions with individual environments. Such things give the immersion to the Vector world through player experience.


Ever since Vector has been released, a few people have simply subscribed to FPS; however, it also contributed in the development of the gaming community’s perception on parkour to become a sport and art form. The game has caught a lot of parkour lovers who in turn became devoted learners practicing the skill off-screen. Also, Vector in addition has large fan community around it that is exchanging the viewpoints, hints, and their highest records on the social network media.

The game has competitively played, this having tournaments and speedrunning competitions as well which give a competent attitude to a casual game. These sports are crucial as they involve the players and fans of the sport to be active, as well as promoting a sense of community among fans of the game.


Vector is a game that possesses all the elements of modern classic in games, by the virtue of its introduction of parkour, creation of interactive mechanics and the usage of a particular artistic style. The performance is not only entertaining; it also brings an unlimited liberated spirit and rebellion against the confining atmosphere, and therefore it is loved by so many audiences. Further on, it will dictate the flow of the adventure genre and the platformer game. The tightly curated and passion-filled title is a clear and loved relic of its designers and players across the world.

Reviewed by John Wick Translated by Apkzar Team

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