How iPhone Theft Can Lead to the Loss of Your Digital Life and Financial Security

August 1, 2023 (11 months ago)
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It can happen to anyone. You’re outside a bar in New York City and your phone is stolen out of your hands. Within three minutes, you are locked out of your own Apple ID, and within 24 hours, you notice that there are thousands of dollars being taken out of your bank account. Phone theft is just the beginning of a series of events that can lead to the loss of your digital life and financial security.

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The Vulnerability of iPhone Passcodes

The iPhone passcode that can unlock your phone can also help someone else unlock your entire digital life. You lose your phone, and you don’t think about how you can lose everything else. Once someone takes over your Apple ID, it’s game over for you.

A Phone Theft Ring Uncovered

Investigators have found that phone thefts have become organized in various cities, and thieves are using apps to take hundreds of thousands of dollars from their victims. In Minneapolis, 12 people have been charged in a phone robbery ring where nearly $300,000 had been taken from at least 40 victims. The group targeted bargoers, often by befriending them and then transferring large sums of money via various financial apps on the stolen phones.

How Thieves Gain Access to iPhones

The thieves’ first step is to change the Apple ID password to lock the owners out. This way, they can turn off Find My iPhone so that the phone cannot be located. To change the Apple ID password on an iPhone, all someone has to do is go to settings, tap the iCloud name, then password and security, and change the password. With the passcode, they can log the owner out of their other trusted devices like iPads and Macs.

Losing Control Over Your Digital Life

Once the thieves gain access to your Apple ID, they can then take control of your other accounts linked to your phone. The passwords to your bank apps are saved in Apple’s built-in password manager. When you go to a bank app, the software tells you the password is saved. All they need is a face ID scan or the phone’s passcode to get in. If the app requires a text message code to confirm it’s really you, well, the thieves already have your phone.

Financial Consequences of iPhone Theft

Victims have had thousands of dollars taken from their bank accounts in the first 24 hours after the theft. Thieves can also go after other financial apps like Venmo, Coinbase, and Zelle, and use Apple Pay, which just needs a passcode to make purchases. Some victims believe they were drugged before their phone was stolen.

Apple’s Response

Apple has said that the thefts described are uncommon and require multiple physical steps, and stealing a user’s device is not enough. Apple will continue to advance the protections to help keep user accounts secure.

Digital identity theft and phone theft are both on the rise.

Although phone theft is nothing new, the effects of losing a phone are now more severe than ever because to the digital revolution. With just a few clicks, a thief can steal a victim’s complete digital identity, including their bank accounts, credit cards, and personal data. Another saddening is the increase in phone theft.

The Function of Passcodes in Phone Theft and Digital Identity Theft

Passcodes are the sole method to get into a phone, but they can also be used to enter into a person’s full digital existence. With just a few clicks, a burglar can alter the owner’s Apple ID password and prevent them from accessing any of their trusted devices. You may lose money as well as valuable information such as contacts, images, and other documents as a result of this.

Rings From Stolen Phones Are Being Investigated

All around the nation, gangs of thieves who collaborate to steal phones and then use them to demand thousands of dollars from their victims are growing more prevalent. Authorities are attempting to determine how these thieves gain access to the victims’ phones as well as what can be done to stop them.

What Apple Is Doing About Digital Identity Theft

Apple is aware that digital identity theft is becoming more frequent and is attempting to make its users secure. Yet the corporation maintains that these kinds of thefts are rare and entail a number of physical steps, like swiping a user’s device. To keep user accounts secure, Apple is constantly enhancing its security measures.

How to Protect Your Digital Identity from Criminals

Users can take precautions to guard themselves against digital identity theft even though greater security measures are being created. This calls for exercising caution when it comes to passcodes and phone theft, routinely backing up your data to iCloud, and avoiding saving passwords in the built-in password managers. Also, using two-factor authentication and complicated passcodes is a good idea.

The emotional cost of identity theft in the digital age

The consequences of digital identity theft go beyond merely financial and personal data loss. Victims frequently experience a variety of emotions, including rage, frustration, and a sensation of being violated. This is due to the fact that losing control over one’s personal information and digital life is just as important as financial loss in cases of digital identity theft.


Phone theft can have serious consequences that go beyond just the loss of your device. It can lead to the loss of your digital life and financial security. To better protect yourself, be vigilant, and avoid storing passwords and financial information on your phone.

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