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What's new

- optimized memory usage
- fixed crashes on low memory devices
- other changes and improvements
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Graveyard Keeper is a role-playing game for Android that has elements of sandbox games and strategic game elements. The tinyBuild studio released the project for mobile platforms. There are also PC and XONE versions of the game. The studio that made the great game Punch Club for consoles and PCs has made a name for itself with this version.


The game is about something that doesn’t come up very often in video games. Graveyard Keeper gives the player the chance to run a graveyard. Our “business” is in a normal fantasy world full of monsters and other magical dangers. Because of this, there are a lot of people who want to work for the player.

The people who made the game didn’t try to make a serious story. There is a lot of dark humor in the story, and it often makes fun of stereotypes.

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The player can run his or her own business in Graveyard Keeper for Android. But the game isn’t about economics; it’s a role-playing game. The owner of the cemetery is a special character who can be directly controlled when exploring the world, moving bodies, digging graves, and setting up funerals. The player has to do almost everything himself, but he also has to make a lot of business decisions.

The player has to look for valuable resources that can be used to make useful items and improve the cemetery. Monster-filled dungeons are the most profitable and dangerous places to go. There are many different ways for the player to make more money. He can set up festivals where witches are burned or work with a local church that will pay to scare people into going to church more often.

When it comes to making virtual money, the developers have given players a lot of freedom. For example, instead of buying expensive meat, the player can make hot dogs out of dead people and sell them next to the graveyard. You can sell body parts and blood to monsters and perverts of all kinds. To save money, the bodies can be thrown into the river and a fake funeral can be set up.

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Graveyard Keeper for Android has old-school graphics and a lot of interesting quests and tasks to do. They chose to make it look like a cartoon, and they did a good job. This makes the game a little less scary and fits well with the funny tone of the title.


When it comes to cemeteries, we will feel a little bit of fear. What would it be like for you to be in charge of this cemetery? It’s horrible, right? The game takes this risky idea and runs with it so that players can have both great times and scary times. We will slowly learn from this and get over our fear.

When this fear goes away, other fears will come to the game, which is a continuation of many series. Each series will bring its mark and a new feature. The best thing about it is that we get to run the empty cemetery with tens of thousands of graves. We have to stay here all night and look at the graves. To be honest, it will be scary, and there will be times when we are surprised and can’t stop ourselves. The game makes us feel interesting things that we won’t feel in real life.


To be able to hold all of the bodies, the player must make the cemetery areas much bigger. With the help of new tools, building work can be done quickly and easily. Because this is a holy place, everything must happen in a set order. To avoid the eyes of evil spirits, there can’t be any bad things happening in Graveyard Keeper.

After building a big cemetery, it will be hard to run because it will take too much time and work to get to all the other parts. Even though there is a way to get around, it will not be very good. Each of us has to find quick and easy ways to get from one place to another. Save time and effort while saving travel costs.


In Graveyard Keeper, the main thing players will do is take care of cemeteries that are bigger than thousands of square meters. With each level, there will be more graves, so the first thing we need to do is get people to work building more cemeteries. This building project will take more time and work, so you should ask more of your friends to help out.

This is a good thing to do, so everyone should pitch in to get it done as soon as possible. On night duty, we all need certain things, like flashlights, protective gear, etc. Before the funeral can happen, the player will have to look at the body and take the items off of it. It is important to gather these things. For players to be able to go into more mysterious prisons, they have to get over their fears.

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Inside the Graveyard Keeper, players can see clues to mysterious dungeons that they need to find. There will be dead bodies in every prison, and we need to get them out and bury them. Bring in a lot of people to help with this scary investigation, and they will be a big help in getting the body out. Take a trip with tens of millions of people you don’t know and use more vehicles to move their bodies.

The game’s main draw is that it has realistic images and sharp graphics. When you put together HD quality and magical colors, you get a unique look. One of the new features is sound which is very clear. The game is much more fun because of the way the sounds and pictures work together.

Graveyard Keeper makes a huge impression from this point of view. The attraction was taken to its peak, which was a big hit with the picky guests. The ghostly gameplay is also a unique part of the game that makes you feel strong emotions. Try to do these great things and feel the heat that comes with the game.

Reviewed by John Wick Translated by Apkzar Team

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